Barbeque and hog roast wedding catering

Barbeques and hog roasts are becoming a very popular choice for wedding breakfasts and we love doing them.  They’re more relaxed than a traditional wedding breakfast, and although weddings are still a formal event, many couples are paying more attention to the ‘fun’ element of their wedding, in particular, the food.

Barbeque wedding catering

A barbeque wedding breakfast is of course more suited to the warmer months but opens up many different choices.  A barbeque can be served like a buffet where your guests leave their seats to be served, or – which is the way we serve most of our wedding barbeques – is for the array of barbeque items to be served on platters at the tables with other items such as breads, vegetables, salads and accompaniments also provided in large bowls.  This makes your wedding breakfast much more of a social and participative event as your guests share the food between themselves.  This really adds to the ‘togetherness’ feeling from your wedding which we’ve found to be very important for wedding couples.

Wirral Gourmet has a variety of choices for a barbeque or hog roast wedding breakfast.  You can choose from our sample menus (content coming soon) or let us write a custom menu for your event which takes into account all your favourite foods and preferences.

Hog roast wedding catering

Hog roasts add theatre to your wedding breakfast. Hog roasts are popular as food to accompany the evening party but can also be provided as your wedding breakfast meal.

We’re currently working on more content and new menus for this section, but if you’d like to discuss your ideas for a barbeque or hog roast wedding breakfast, contact us on 0151 378 1181 or email us at