Finger buffet catering

Buffets are an enjoyable, relaxed and convenient way to serve food for a social occasion and can be provided for any sized group of people. Buffets work extremely well for occasions such as weddings, christenings, birthday parties, engagement parties, anniversary celebrations and Christmas parties.

Finger buffets are designed to be eaten without cutlery and are perfect for when seating isn’t available for all guests. All items on a finger buffet are chosen so that they can be eaten without the need for cutlery. Finger buffets are usually cold, but if facilities permit, we can provide some hot items.

Wirral Gourmet prepare all food fresh on the day, and deliver it ready to serve and eat. All the food will be laid out attractively on clear platters and we will set up the display at your venue or home.

Wirral Gourmet can provide a TRADITIONAL fare which contains items that are generally well known and will appeal to all ages and palates; and also a GOURMET fare for more adventurous palates, focussing on more high-end ingredients, such as canapés and sushi.

We have sample menus that we can send to you, but we can tailor-make a menu specifically for your occasion based on your requirements. You can of course design your own menu from our product range (please see the last page of our sample menus) and if there is a particular item that you’d like, but isn’t on our product list, please just ask and we’ll do everything we can to include it for you.

Wirral Gourmet can provide crockery, glassware, table linen, and service at an additional cost.

We can also provide fork buffets, hot buffets, and gala buffets.