Fork buffet catering

Fork buffets are a step up from a finger buffet and can include a much wider range of items. The food provided will require cutlery and so seating is generally required but not essential. Fork buffets can include hot and cold items, including main meals such as curry, beef bourguignon etc.

Wirral Gourmet prepare all food fresh on the day, and deliver it ready to serve and eat. All the food will be laid out attractively on clear platters and we will set up the display at your venue or home. Hot dishes will be kept piping hot in chafing dishes. We can serve your food if required and provide additional service staff.

Generally, a fork buffet will include fresh bread, salads, a hot dish (or few), and a dessert. We can of course include items from our finger buffet menu and also serve items such as canapés or sushi before the main meal. The choices really are quite endless and we enjoy working with our customers to provide a custom-made menu for your occasion.

We have prepared a small selection of fork buffet menus for you to either choose from, or inspire you. The final page lists a selection of the type of dishes that we can provide, but we are constantly adding new items to our menus and will always be happy to try and accommodate any special requests for a particular dish.

If you’d like to discuss the catering for your event, please call us on 0151 378 1181 where we will be happy to go through your ideas and options, or email us on