Sushi Catering

Try something different…

Sushi is a fantastic and interesting catering option for all events such as private parties, corporate events, weddings, buffets or staff parties. Sushi is delicious, fresh and healthy, and looks fabulous.

We can provide a wide range of options that will appeal to all tastes including a vegetarian, fish, seafood and raw options. Sushi can be the whole event or form part of a finger buffet or canapé reception.

All our sushi is made fresh on the day using only the finest, authentic ingredients and sashimi-grade fish.

What is sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese food which consists of cooked, vinegared rice combined with other ingredients such as vegetables, raw fish, and seafood. There is a very wide range of varieties and forms of sushi and we are always adding new varieties to our menu. Typically, we would provide the following:

  • Maki rolls – vinegared rice and vegetables/meat wrapped in nori
  • California rolls – vinegared rice and vegetables/meat rolled in sesame seeds or fish roe
  • Nigiri – formed rice topped with wasabi and raw fish, seafood, vegetables or omelette
  • Temaki – vinegared rice and vegetables/meat wrapped in a nori cone (aka handrolls)

To accompany the sushi, we can provide bowls of accompanying salads using ingredients such as edamame beans, rice and soba noodles, crunchy vegetables; and also sashimi if desired which is raw meat (usually seafood) served sliced. Additionally, items such as chicken teryaki, tempura vegetables, gyoza (dumplings), and katsu (coated in cripsy panko breadcrumbs) made with chicken or prawns.

Sushi is served with soy sauce, wasabi (Japanese horseradish), and picked ginger which would be provided along with chop sticks for those who are dexterous enough to use them!

Why not try sushi instead of your usual takeaway?

We can provide our sushi platters for collection, and delivery within a small radius, as an alternative to your usual Friday or Saturday night takeaway.  Sushi is a very light and healthy meal which is perfect for sharing.  We can provide a range of different platters to cater for your tastes i.e. we can provide a vegetarian sushi selection, a selection that contains meat and seafood but no raw items, or a selection of everything which can include sashimi (raw fish).

Your sushi selection will be provided with soy sauce, wasabi (Japanese horseradish), picked ginger, and chopsticks.

Japanese drinks to accompany your sushi

We can complete your buffet with a selection of drinks to include non-alcoholic options of juices or green tea, and alcoholic choices such as Japanese beer, plum wine and sake.

Order to collect or for delivery

To discuss sushi catering with us or place an order, please call 0151 378 1181 or email us at